Heath Jones

Managing Director

A little about me

Heath started with our office in 1994 fresh out of university, but looking for a career that would let him stay in Nelson Bay. Even back then Nelson Bay Real Estate (called “The Professionals” at the time) prided itself on training and developing its people, and this is what attracted Heath to this office rather any other. It wasn’t long before he was our top salesperson, and also receiving performance awards from national trainers (top 5% of industry) and community nominated awards for client care sponsored by local newspapers.

In 2005 he took the helm as General Manager (having been Sales Manager since 2001), and then purchased the business in 2007. In 2009 he stepped out of sales for 9 months, designing our new Property Management Department (from 2004 – 2009 we were a “Sales only” office) and working as the property manager initially to test and refine a system that is very different from our competitors (we are really very proud of it – visit here to find out more!)

A little more about Heath…..

  • He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Newcastle Uni) and a Diploma of Business, but really doesn’t enjoy accountancy – so he became a real estate agent instead.
  • Heath is a Licensed agent, and is the Licensee-in-charge at our Nelson Bay Office.
  • His grandfather was the lighthouse keeper (and Maritime Officer) at Little Beach for many years. His father grew up living in the Inner Light. If you lived here in the 60’s through to the mid 80’s chances are you got your boat license off Jerry Jones.
  • So far, in the course of selling houses, he has been bitten by 1 dog and fallen through 1 set of stairs – but has come out otherwise unharmed.
  • Was the top salesperson in our office, for every quarter but 2, for nearly 10 years.



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