A Little History on our Property Management System…..

For years Nelson Bay Real Estate specialised in SELLING property. We were proud of how well our sales team performed, without needing a rental department to have a successful business. Several times a month, however, clients were asking us to manage their property investments. So in 2009 we decided to make what was a big change for our business.

We investigated the most common complaints that landlords had, and see if it would be possible to open a permanent property management department that could offer more. We have conducted interviews with numerous landlords, tenants, and other real estate agents, and spent hundreds of hours investigating property management systems from around the country.The result is a system that aligns the interests of the agent with those of our clients, and ends with a better outcome for everyone. Less problems, less property damage, less tribunal visits, and more rental income. Our core values are PREVENTION and COMMUNICATION.

  • Regular routine inspections are guaranteed.
  • Inspections conducted by experienced property managers.
  • Comprehensive rent reviews are compiled regularly.
  • Incredibly¬†thorough ingoing condition reports.
  • Careful processing of tenancy applications.
  • We are located in large prominent building in the heart of town. Our “walk-ins” alone for rental property provides hundreds of tenancy enquiries a month.

Looking for an agent that will care for your property?

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