Why Us for Sales?

Choosing the best agent to sell your home is important. Research shows that a poorly trained agent can cost a seller up to 10% of the home's value by not understanding negotiation principles.

It’s an important choice.

Everyone selling a property aims to receive the highest net price they can. The single most important decision you will make that effects this outcome is the agency you select. All real estate agents are not the same. In fact there are so many differences you could write a book on it, so we won’t try to cover it all here. We don’t have to anyway, someone else beat us to it! Click here and we will give you a copy for free.

Thank you for considering our office. Contact us and we will prove how we can ad value to your property and make selling easy. In the meantime, listed below are a few of the differences between agents that are easiest to spot.


Your agent should (first and foremost) be OPEN. Thousands of dollars are spent every week to advertise real estate, and then when the buyers ring up, the agent is closed! Real estate offices should be open with salespeople at work 7 days a week.
TIP: Drive past the realtor’s office on Sunday and check if the doors are OPEN.

Get the entire office behind selling your property. All sales people should be working together to give fast service to buyers and a quicker result for you. Every salesperson will claim that the office works as a team, but the reality can be very different. Many offices are really just individual agents effectively running their own businesses (and renting a desk) under the one roof.
TIP: Check their signboards and adverts. A real team won’t advertise the individual salepeople’s mobile phone numbers, with just the listing agent taking the calls. A genuine team will advertise only the office number (which can divert after 5pm for after hours service).

Happy Clients.
Longevity in real estate comes from repeat clients and referral business; and this comes from happy customers. Give us a chance to impress you!
TIP: Ask around, speak to some locals and check for testimonials.

Australias Largest Network.
Nelson Bay Real Estate is the oldest independent real estate agency on the peninsula, and is proud to be a member of the Real Estate Institute NSW and IRENE (Independent Agents Network). Over the last 10 years technological advancements have meant that independent offices now have the same access to training and support as franchised offices (most trainers are contracted to the franchises and offer their services to all agents), and with 55% of all offices in Australia now independent we have a larger referral network than all the franchises added together! 
TIP: This is the easiest one to spot. Only list with an independent agency, a local agent tailored to suit your local market.

There’s no room for a one-man-band here. To be able to offer genuine 7 day a week service and thorough follow up takes man power and resources. An effective office needs a shop-front too. While many buyers look for property on the internet, a large proportion still come into the shopfront to meet face to face. If you doubt this, just drive past and look at how many people still browse the window cards.
Tip: Check out the agency websites and make sure there are at least a few full time salespeople. Drive past the shopfronts and see all the buyers browsing the window displays.

This is the busiest locally based real estate website in the area (and unless you are wanting to sell in Cobar, that’s want you want!). The fact that you are already here illustrates this point.



If you are buying or selling real estate in the Nelson Bay area, who else to call but

Nelson Bay Real Estate…. your local agent.




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